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Fitting images to designated sizes without disproportioning them: a tutorial
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This is a tutorial for the lovely Mel.
[Proceed to the Drift]Okay, so let's get started without further do. For this tutorial, I will use the template you gave me, and take a piece of it. So, I will work in this area.

From this Screenshot 2014-03-12 20.34.51I will be using this  Screenshot 2014-03-12 20.34.511.

I will be using one gif to fit in each. For example, let's take the 245x85. If I select the Image > Image Size option, I can resize my gif to 245px wide. However, I have a small problem, since the template requires the height to be 85px. If I try to resize the gif to 245x85, the gif comes out disproportioned like this.
Screenshot-2014-03-12-20.34which is really not what we want. So how do we tackle such problems, you ask?

  • First of all, we never untick the Constrict Proportions option on the Image Size.

  • If we are clear on that, there are two ways of dealing with such problems.

  • The first, which is more for wider, rectangular shaped spaces is to crop our image. Yes, it sounds weird, cause we don't want to have one eye instead of the whole face, and that is why we generally avoid close-to-face scenes for these shapes.

  • Now if I resize my image to 245px, it says this.

Screenshot 2014-03-12 23.01.02but our requested height is 85px. And this is where our rules come in:

  • If the image you resized is resized by width and the height is bigger, you can either crop the height to the designated amount or

  • you can type your designated height and adjust the width, by also cropping it.

  • Never, ever try to resize the images to the exact size by using Image Size alone. Unless you are really lucky and it fits.

  • Now, I will do it both ways. I set the Width to 245px, and I will crop the image to 85px of Height, cropping as much I can without alienating the image much. Here is the result.

Screenshot-2014-03-12-20.34which in all aspects, is not really nice.

  • Thankfully, this wonderful image has a lot of width to spare, so I will set the height to 85px using Image Size, and try to crop the width of the image.

  • But oh, unfortunately, when I do this, the width becomes 164px, which is really small.

  • So, if the image does not fit the shape well, you just place it in another, and choose a better fitting image for the shape you left instead.

  • If I place Castiel in the upper rectangular shape, which requires 145px, it will fit much better, because I have extra 21px I can crop, which leads us to this.

Screenshot 2014-03-12 20.34.51see how better it looks, and closer to the original material?

To conclude

  • you really need to weigh your images, see if they can fit in the requested shapes.

  • Use Crop, never Resize twice.

  • You have Height and Width. Tweak with both :)

  • Practise, and you will be able to judge better on which images and gifs to use.

  • Usually, videos with 1920px quality fit better in rectangular shapes. 640px are harder, since they are closer to a square shape.

Good luck!

Top Hiddleston (Behind the Scenes)
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Creating a food photoset
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Okay! So you want to make a food photoset? This is the tutorial to help you. Let's take a look, step by step, to how to create a colourful post!
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How to make gifs in Photoshop (my way)
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So, my lovely friend Michelle asked me to make a tutorial for her on how I make gifs. Now, I had some people asking about that kind of work, since I spent a lot of time on Photoshop lately. Anyway, Mich, let's get started, darling!
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Jus in Bello 2015
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So, given that I have almost a third of the money I need for a Demon Pass, I decided to start saving. I have until the end of June to amass 300 euros to get my precious pass.

Nervous? Like a demon in a trap. I am really worried I won't be able to get over 250 (and this is already too much, even though my birthday is less than two months away, which means load cash ahoy!), but I still hope I will able to get the necessary money for both the pass and the photo op that are required. I am thinking of doing only one photo op, with Misha Collins, seeing as all the others are too expensive at the moment. 

I just hope I will be able to find the money... God help me.


(no subject)
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A fleeting image in episode 8x07 which tells so much more than we think.
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This is Dean's expression when Castiel tell him: ''You can't save everyone my friend. Though you try''.

I saw that, I actually noticed it the first time I watched it! I was so overcome but that expression, because it meant that Cas had managed what the others had failed to do. He went straight through Dean’s disillusioned defences, broke the gates of his torment and actually realised the true nature of Dean Winchester.

He unravelled Dean in a way that on one else could. And Dean could not believe it, because all this time he thought that Cas absolutely hated him. Blamed him for his death, for ”letting go”, where Cas explained that not only did he not blame him, but actually felt proud and touched by Dean’s trait to save the others.

Castiel Graphic
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Castiel -  Angel of the Lord

Season 3 of Supernatural just finished downloading.
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Listening to Carry on My Wayward Son, and setting up the popcorn.



So I finally finished Season 2 of Supernatural (Season 3, get ready for me as I will for you)
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Ok the final three episodes, all of them, actually send me in a frenzy of collective tears and spasms from incoming feelings for one of my favourite characters. The one and only Dean Winchester.

Because an image is worth a 1000 words, let me use my demonstrative gifs to better explain how these two days went down:

Episode 2x20: What is and What Should Never Be 

!Extreme Dean feelings!

So when Dean see his own mother again, with that childlike glee and adult disbelief on his own eyes, these things happened in me.

When Sam and Dean actually do not get along.

When I see Dean's catatonic state.

And in the end, when Dean wishes his life could be like that and Sam comforts him...

Episodes 2x21/2x22: All Hell Breaks Loose

!ain't that a fucking accurate title!

Sam gets fatally injured.

And Dean crying and shouting over his lifeless body...

And the whole affair where Dean sells his soul for his brother. (ALERT! FEELS)

When Hell breaks loose

And when FUCKING finally Dean kills the bastard with the golden eyes. This is for my mum, you son of a bitch.

So, demons are out and Dean has a year to live? All I can say is:

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